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Time Pressure

by Bill Johns | Posted in News | No comments yet. | 256 views on this post

We seem to have less time these days, something always comes up. Perhaps friends are visiting or the boss wants help, so sorting out the more mundane things in life, such as where to put the spare bedding, becomes well a pain.
This is where the internet works, again, just search door2store and all sorts of options become available. You will love the simplicity of our self storage solution, its a bit whacky but think on. Just place an order, the boxes and wrapping materials get delivered to your door or porch, as you instruct. You pack up what you don't need for a few months and whoosh our courier collects it all and we keep it till you want it back. Simple, convenient,economic and personnel how good is that. Your stuff stored in our warehouse, clean,dry,pest free and the right space available. No transport, rain or wind disruption, queuing or sharing space, storage by post some thing to get used to in this disruptive age. Think, box storage is no different than suitcases under the bed, just not in your way! Besides we can store your suitcases if you like! Storage by box can help in so many ways try us once and be a fan forever.

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