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To go shopping?

by Bill Johns | Posted in News | No comments yet. | 430 views on this post

carShopping, can you remember when "to go shopping" meant getting dressed up and venturing out into the high street. Then along came the Internet and shopping via the web what a revolution, disposable incomes rose and we all started to collect stuff. Self storage warehouses sprang up and people were able to keep treasured items whilst still expanding their lifestyles. Self storage works really well but planning is needed to find the time and transport to get to the store and often when you get there everyone else is there as well so you end up queuing for the loading bay or lift. When the weather is foul you even have to dress up like you used to have to do for shopping. 

The latest revolution is "Self Storage by courier", you can pack your stuff in the comfort of your own home, mark your boxes with the stuff in them and get that one box or as many others back whenever you want. Convenience you will get to love, additional space to keep those mementoes warm, dry and secure without the need for van hire, car parking or even a licence. Book and pay for only the space you need, boxes and packaging supplied free! Log into your account and remind yourself what is there without having to find the keys, wait for opening hours or go out into the rain!
For family storage the flexibility is second to none and Student storage has the convenience of using a different return address. Moving or Archiving or just trying to de-clutter storage by post is the current revolution. Just visit and select your needs.

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