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End of season lets do the next!

by Bill Johns | Posted in News | No comments yet. | 405 views on this post

The Christmas package offers are closed, our staff have placed the boxes of cheer on our shelves where they will sit, safe,secure,warm and dry Instead of residing in a cold loft or crushed at the bottom of a wardrobe. In 11 months they will be returned by courier to their families to be opened up with love and delight, bringing back memories of happy times. All achieved from the comfort of home by using box storage the convenient self storage alternative. Now is a good time to start thinking about packing up some clutter to provide space for living as the days get longer. You can trawl the net picking up ideas on saving space and time, moving may be on the agenda so some simple convenient family storage for stuff that won't be needed for a time can be selected and stored early reducing the strain on the frantic move days. Exams at university are ending so planning for the breaks can start, student demands are growing, taxis are inflating the cost or refusing to take boxes, van hire is expensive and you need some one with a licence. Box storage is a cheap and easy way of vacating your accommodation for whatever period you need, stuff can even be returned to different address' within the UK or the World, the World costs  a little extra. Timed deliveries are the cherry on the cake you can plan down to a couple of hours!

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