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Office Space

by Bill Johns | Posted in News | No comments yet. | 238 views on this post

With rent and rates being what they are it is expensive to expand into bigger premises, that ignores the disruption of a new address, moving the broadband and the additional stress that will effect concentration on the business. Maybe a little lateral thinking can alleviate the problem. Why not box up some stuff in filing cabinets or desks and send off to a storage facility that can quickly return particular stuff when needed.
Freeing up a desk and filing cabinet can instantly get another bum on a seat, by posting what is in each box in your portal you can have 24hr access.
Just go to and work out what space you can save. It's storage by box for business as well as family or student, easy access no queuing in traffic. Our courier delivers when you need it anywhere in the UK there are even better deals for long term archiving you will love our answer to self storage. Make an easier life, try boxstorage even if only a temporary solution to your business expansion.

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